We'd love to hear from you and chat about your event, you can contact us by email by completing the form below and telling us a little about your event like the date and venue and anticipated number of guests or you can give us a call on 07471 892971.


We appreciate that organising any event is an involved and, at times pressured business and that's why we aim to make our involvement in that process as simple as possible and why, once were booked we’ll provide the flyers for you to give your guests so they know we're coming and what they can expect to happen on the night including pricing and payment information.


In addition, as well as shooting the pictures, we’ll handle the payments for pictures if required and post out prints direct to your guests.


Also if there are any order queries customers deal direct with us, by phone or email and they don’t have to carry their pictures around all night either – or risk sitting on them later on!


As an organiser, Prompic can discuss with you several options in which you could offer photography to your guests. From simply using Prompic as an additional attraction for them whilst they are in their ‘glad rags’ on the evening, raising the profile of your event, to helping boost your ‘coffers’ if you are organising a charity event or fundraiser by incorporating our special pre-paid photograph rates in your ticket or table prices.


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